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Our Vision...

To become the leading manufacturer of wire mesh machines on a global basis.

Our Customers...

We view our customers as the most important element in our business. We will listen to our customers.

We will make business decisions with our customer’s perspective in mind.

This means that we commit to thinking from an ‘outside-in’ perspective vs. thinking primarily from an internal perspective about what works best for us.

We will treat all customers with respect. Although we may have different standards for the level of service we give to selected customers, we value ALL of our customers and will treat them professionally.

We will keep our commitments to customers.

We will use the customer’s measurements as our ‘scorecard.’

We will strive to exceed the customer’s expectations. We want to ‘delight’ our customers. To differentiate ourselves from our competition, we need to try to exceed customer’s expectations. This doesNOT mean that we will accept unreasonable requests from our customers or that we are committed to providing services that the customer will not pay for.

Our People...

Our people are the most valuable asset.

We will be known for having the best people in our industry.

At Hengyuan, we will treat people with respect and preserve human dignity.

We will provide a safe, clean and challenging work environment for all of our people.

We will invest in the development of our people. We encourage people to pursue continuous personal improvement, enabling them to grow with the company.

We will be equitable in hiring, compensation, and promotion.

We value every employee’s input.

We will communicate openly with our employees.

Performance Standards and Accountability...

We will continuously improve in everything we do and will strive to be ‘best in class’.

We will measure our performance against the highest standards. Perfection is our ultimate goal.

We will also benchmark our performance against competitors.

We expect everyone at Hengyuan to act with honesty and integrity.

Honesty is an absolute standard for all of our activities, including communication within Hengyuan, communication with customers, and communication with external agencies. Anything less is unacceptable.

Within Hengyuan we will communicate clear expectations, evaluate results, give constructive feedback, and reward performance.

We will implement corrective action plans when performance is less than expected.

Low performance is unacceptable.

We will hold business units accountable for achieving their plans.

Teamwork and Communication...

Open and timely communication on all issues (good and bad) is expected and encouraged.

Asking for help is encouraged, and we expect assistance to be provided by anyone who has the

ability to help.

We want to be recognized as Hengyuan by everyone (customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders,

and the communities in which we operate).

All divisions will use the official Hengyuan logo as their logo.

At all levels of the organization, we expect decisions to be made based on what is best forHengyuan.

In making decisions at the division level, managers will first consider what is best for Hengyuan —before considering what is best for the division.

Corporate Citizenship...

Hengyuan will be a good citizen of the communities in which we operate.

We will be visible within the community.

Whenever feasible, business units will make charitable contributions and participate in local civic organizations.

We want our business units to be successful, so that good jobs are maintained within their local communities.

We will be a good neighbor in maintaining plant appearance and complying with environmental standards.

We will find ways to be a good neighbor, while at the same time running an economically viable plant.

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E-mail: sales@hywiremeshmachine.com