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Steel grating welding equipment
This welding machine adopts technology of power electronic synchronous control.the welding time and separate-welding are combined by digital integrated circuits,the control precision are very accurate,oper smoothly and the welding is very firmly.
The transfer parts used imported pneumatic element,it has characteristic of pressure uniformity,few malfunction and long service life.
Main parameter:
1. Welding width:1000mm
2. Welding aperture:warp 30mm or 40mm ,weft 50mm or 100mm
3. Welding diameter:torsion angle iron diameter 5-8mm,flat iron 3*20-5*65mm
4. Power:300KVA
5. Rated voltage:380V 50HZ
6. Weight:4T
7. Overall Dimension(L*W*H):16000mm*2500mm*1500mm

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