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Fencing Mesh welding Machine:
Function Characteristics:
This machine adopts synchronous control technique, the welding time and sub-controlled welding are digital controlled by the PLC programming system. The input panel can be touch-screen or buttons, operation is more intelligent and reasonable. Welding power is the air cylinder. The adjustment of the welding pressure is simple, convenient. Stepping motor, stepper motor driven carts auto-off, stepper motor drives the car automatically pull mesh panel. Mesh sizes can be adjusted within a certain range. The warp and weft wire are automatically cut by the straightening machines. The most apparent feature of this machine is that it can produce different horizontal opening at the same mesh panel.
use of the product:
Fence (road, rail, mountain), fencing mesh, also concrete mesh for construction flooring.


Main parameter:

Wire Diameter


Rated Voltage


Welding Aperture


Rated Electrical Power


Width of Mesh


Welding Speed


Number of  Warp


Overall Dimension


Key words :

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