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    Product Details: Uniform Moment Wire-Rewinding machineOur wire-rewinding machine is an adjustable uniform rate, constant tension takingup system, which realizes rewinding effect by uniform moment wire-rewinding assembly.Its main purpose is for annealing and winding o...
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    Product Details: Headstand Wire Rewindingdstand type wire-rewinding machine is mainly used in annealing hard stainless steel wire which wire diameter is more than 1.5mm.Feature;wire coil neat,not throw cap,upload wire easily and save labour
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    Product Details: Trunk Wire-Rewinding MachineMain technical parameters: Takingup Block Dia.φ560MMRewinding Speedφ360M/minRewinding Dia.φ2-φ4MMMotor Power10kg/M 力矩电机Acc. Rewinding Weight800-1000kg

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